Special Session 2

Supportive Smart Homes


Supportive Smart Homes are emerging as the next application of sensing within the home to support independence. These demonstrate the evolution from sensing and measuring aspects of well-being to now include the intelligent processing of the signals from a diverse set of sensors so that immediate feedback is now possible to directly aid the resident or their care/support team with a focus and goal of supporting increased independence for the residents that may be affected by injury, illness or natural age-related declines. Research papers are invited that explore aspects of the supportive smart home including novel applications of ambient sensing of well-being in the home such as sensor substitution for novel measures, fusion methods to combine data from many sensors into more wholistic knowledge of the residents and lastly methods to communicate the knowledge back to the residents or their care team.


  • Carleton University, Ontario, Canada

  • Bruyère Hospital and Research Institute, Ontario, Canada

  • Department of Electric, Electronic and Information Engineering, University of Catania, Italy