Special Session 6

Sensors for Energy and Sustainability


Nations and industries are rapidly moving towards more sustainable economies to address the challenges of climate change. This transition requires a renewed global energy infrastructure projected to cost several trillions of dollars. Developing this new critical infrastructure will certainly be a monumental challenge to our society requiring innovation in engineering, science, business, and policy. Our planet, environment, economies, and communities depend on it. 

Novel technologies related to sensing and instrumentation will play an important role in supporting this upcoming transformation. To face these emerging challenges, we would like to invite all engineers and scientists in the sensing community to gather around this special session and help in identifying the critical technological needs and novel sensing technologies that will enable a more sustainable energy production, storage, transportation, distribution, and utilization. 

Major topics of interest include:

- Emissions monitoring
- Sensors for hydrogen production, storage, and transport
- Sensors for green energy
- Technologies for carbon capture, utilization, and storage
- Integrity monitoring of H2, CO2, NH3 infrastructure
- Technologies related to ammonia, methanol, and other green fuels
- New technologies for electrolysis and fuel cells
- Sensors for health and environmental safety
- Batteries and electrification 
- Remote sensing for sustainability
- IOT sensors and AI for sustainability related projects


  • Aramco Research Center, Houston, Texas, USA

  • Aramco Research Center, Houston, Texas, USA