Special Session 4

Quantum Information Science and Technologies (QIST) for Sensor Applications


Quantum physics is fundamental to our understanding of our universe. Quantum information science (QIS) is a subset of quantum physics that has received worldwide attention in the past few decades due to the ability of quantum computers to solve problems that cannot be solved using classical computers. Beyond computing, the development of quantum information science and technology (QIST) also has impact on the development of novel and advanced quantum-enhanced sensors that are based on intrinsically quantum properties such as the quantization of light and quantum entanglement. 

The special session invites papers in the area of QIST with a view towards towards the development of advanced and intelligent sensors and related signal/data processing for applications. Areas of interest include but not limited to: 

-Quantum-enhanced radar 
-Quantum-enhanced imager 
-Quantum sources of light 
-Quantum position, navigation, and timing 
-Quantum machine learning for classical and quantum sensor data 
-Quantum materials for next-generation sensors 


  • Defence Scientist, Radar Sensing and Exploitation Section, Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Canada Research Chair (Tier 2), Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada